Choosing drones for your 4k camera

If you are thinking of getting a quadcopter with a 4K camera then there are a lot of things which you will need to consider before making your purchase. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy the wrong quadcopter right? There is always going to be a debate regarding whether you should but a quadcopter with a 4K camera preinstalled or buy one without a camera and then install it yourself. Most people who do this as a hobby would say that you should build one because it works out to be a lot cheaper. What’s more you will be certain that it is going to perform the way you want it to. But then there are others who wouldn’t want to go through this effort and would simply buy a quadcopter drone with a preinstalled camera since they work better and the parts can be replaced easily.

Picture3But before you make this purchase you need to figure out one important thing, are you buying the camera for flying or for filming? Yes, it’s not the same. A RTF quadcopter has everything you need for it to fly from the transmitters to the batteries. They are highly recommended since the user doesn’t have to do too much. They usually have quite long battery lives and can last through long aerial shots and also collect more footage easily. Buying a model that is very expensive doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting the most value for money though. There are a lot of cheap models which do a great job as well. The important thing that you need to remember here is to get one with the features you need, not one which has too many features which you might not even use.

Don’t go for anything that is too cheap either though. It needs to be compatible with your 4K camera and should also enable mounting and keep the camera safe. It should also come with a few extra features like GPS, USB ports, propellers, etc. which can help prevent any crashes as well as distance control till at least 300 meters. It needs to have autopilot as well along with accessories like a receiver and remote control.

One last thing, you should always read user reviews on the internet before making any decisions. You can learn a lot from other people’s experiences and ensure you don’t make the same mistakes they made. Just make sure you are reading user reviews and not company sponsored reviews as they might not always give you the clearest of pictures.